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She shows her cute face to him when they start the webcam chat.But that was not what he intended to see at that time.Since she could not have a better chance like that, she bunks her school for the day.Soon, she calls her lover and asks him to come online.So much so that they play with each other’s asses, explore the inner-workings of each other’s pussies and engage in scintillating domination sessions.

It isn’t necessarily about getting off for the women involved as it is to have control over a man that would be typically stronger than the woman in other situations.The beauty of this real couple playing is almost inexpressible, but it’s helped along by the accompanying poetry.Other shoots include text as well – erotic narratives that help contextualize the pictures and make them hotter.The late James Brown once said that this is a man’s world.Well, that’s not the case at Smother Me Now where it’s a woman’s world all day, every day, 365 days a year.

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He tells her that he wanted to see her touching herself.

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