18 14 year old dating

I don’t believe that for one minute the state will not press charges, or consider it illegal.

Next, I would be at his parent’s house, and confronting him and them.

How and what the hell is she doing, and where is she going at 14 years old?

I know you work, but there is no way she should be outside after 5pm, hell 6pm, not unless she is in afterschool programs, or involved in some sports activity.

Other than that, she needs to be under supervised guardianship afterschool while you are at work.

(Trichomonias, Gonorrhea, and genital herpes) I even have her seeing a psychologist, and she says that’s not going to stop her from being with him. She would know what temporary blindness feels like, and it would be the last time she ever said something like that to me! What dissolves him from being 18 and dating a 14-year old?

He needs to know that whenever he steps near your daughter that there is the threat it may very well be his last.

There needs to be some boundaries set with your daughter, and how much access and freedom you give her.

Don’t go angrily and judging them because you may not be able to get through to them, and they may be resistant in hearing you.

But, let them know that you are truly concerned, and they should know what is going on, and that he is infected with several diseases, of which he has transmitted to your daughter.

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  1. Krakora, Public Defender, attorney for respondent/cross-appellant I. Based upon our review of the record and applicable law, we hold that the juvenile was not entitled to credits for either of these periods.