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Queued all night for tickets in Middle Street, they were sold from the little independent record shop next door to The Cottage Coffee Bar, now Blind Lemon Alley.Saw lots of other great bands there as well: Curved Air, Status Quo, although they were not really thought of as cool at that time!However, it was in the years immediately after the war that the so-called "dance craze" took place, encouraged by the spread of American-style 'jazz' and dance bands.In Brighton a number of dance halls were established to cater for the new demand.

I remember the Stones at The Big Apple as well; I think they were supported by The Groundhogs, could that be right?It was constructed in an arched superstructure on the roof of the Regent Cinema that had originally been intended to house a roof garden.Decorated in a 'jazz' style, with zigzag and square patterns painted in strong primary colours, giant lanterns in a variety of shapes, and illuminated by multicoloured lights, the dance hall made a major impression.I used to frequent the Big Apple almost every weekend in 1971/72.An aquaintance of mine, I think his name was Chris Margetts, worked on the door and would let us bunk in for nothing!

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Between 1970-72 the ballroom opened up as 'The Big Apple', run by the same people as owned the Fox Clubs in Sussex and Surrey.

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