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Our medical staff is here to answer your questions.

Other reasons why First Choice is your best next step We are here to assist you with accurate medical information and important facts so you can make an informed decision.

First Choice provides select STD screenings free of charge for women who are not pregnant, while other clinics charge a fee.

If you are pregnant and considering abortion, it’s important to realize that abortion is invasive, whether it is a surgical or medical abortion.

If you are planning or considering a pregnancy termination, First Choice is your best next step. PREGNANCY CONFIRMATION/VERIFICATION AT NO COST TO YOU: A pregnancy test is not conclusive and is insufficient to make a decision about your situation.

Pregnancy tests respond to a hormone, HCG, released in your body when pregnant.

"We can think of the number of men and women in a population as a potential mating market where the principles of supply and demand hold sway," lead author Ryan Schacht.

We are specialists in pregnancy diagnosis and medical confirmation."With so many options, there is a lot of apathy," said Leah, 26."You will match with so many people that you never even message with. You realize that the majority of people that you 'match' with probably barely looked at your profile, or haven't quite committed to dating, or are already dating tons of other people, and your 'match' becomes far less significant." Daniel, 27, confirmed that that mentality influences his dating approach: "I often think that given fewer options, I'd be more likely to raise the ante and give something a real opportunity that I otherwise would not." on mate selection found that fewer choices for female mates actually makes men more likely to settle down.STDs can travel through your cervix during a surgical abortion.This can cause PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), which can be painful and if left untreated may lead to infertility.

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