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During the 15th century, the sultans time was increasingly taken up with the advancing Christian armies rather than artistic creativity.As a result, this was a period of decline, with no significant construction work and with no innovation in terms of building ornamentation.Gradually, and especially after the last few decades of the 15th century, the population of Granada increased considerably due to the arrival of Muslim refugees from other cities conquered by the Christian armies.This created a new town area with its own walls, which in the end almost surrounded the Alhambra. Built in 1348 by Sultan Yusuf I, the Gate of Justice is the largest of the Alhambra’s four outer gates.The middle of the 14th century saw the sultanates most fertile period under Yusuf I (1333—1354).He built the Palacio de Comares (“Comares Palace”), the city gates of the Puerta de la Justicia (“Gate of Justice”) and the Puerta de los Siete Suelos (“Gate of the Seven Stories”), and, among other things, the wonderful Torre de la Cautiva (“Tower of the Captives”).

It is a city unique in its design, chronology, and present condition.It acted as the administrative and power center of Granada and as such is in line with the typical Islamic palace complex containing the sultans residence and seat of government.It developed following the municipal architectural ideas of medieval Islamic culture.The Sultan lived in the palace complex, making the Alhambra the kingdom’s seat of government throughout the rule of the Nasrid dynasty (1238-1492).The Alhambra, the palace complex of the Nasrid dynasty in Granada, can perhaps be considered as one of the most famous examples of Islamic art overall, but is certainly the culmination and grand finale of medieval Islamic culture on the Iberian Peninsula.

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