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I argued in my previous post that a free speech debate played into the hands of the numpties - Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux - who wanted to come to New Zealand to make their case for racial superiority and prejudice. (OK, I simplify; it is rare for first year students to study in any depth the implications of intra-industry trade, supply chains, the economies of scale and of agglomeration in international trade.) But first year economics courses teach little about institutional underpinnings.

I suggested a number of possibilities; they picked the notion that marriage should be between two people and that the state should not be involved (except that it might have a voluntary register).

They've now apologised for that - but the important thing is to make sure it does not ever happen again.

I have thought that economists are especially passionate about international trade because it is an alternative to war.

This confusion has become acute in recent years when discussing whether ‘democracy’ is in retreat (the subtext being that it was in an expansionary phase not so long ago).

Once in the 1970s, I was approached by a producer about whether I had a proposition which could be debated on television.

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  1. Bekah (yes, the 22 year old) was even mature enough to call Krystal’s reaction exactly what it was, a “temper tantrum.” I also absolutely loved it when Bekah called Krystal out on changing her mind about coming to the party.