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The planet will transit and so be highest at about 4 am at the start of the month, and advance to around 2 am by the month´s end.

At midnight on the 1st Saturn will between 20 degrees and 30 degrees above the horizon (lowest in the south and highest in the north).

The following morning the moon, now a thinner crescent, will be 8 degrees below the planet.

Venus starts the month in Sagittarius, but by the morning of the 3rd it will have moved into Capricornus.

When Saturn and Spica reappear in the evening of the 21st, the moon, now just past full, will be less than 2 degrees to the upper right of Spica.

Venus will rise at least 3 hours before the sun throughout the month.

For a summary of Sir Patrick's varied life see tune-with-music-of-the-spheres-2198463published in the Independent on 30 January 2011.

The following morning, the 27th, Venus will be only 25 arc-minutes - less than the diameter of the full moon - above the planet Neptune.Affiliated Societies are welcome to reproduce any item in this email newsletter or on the RASNZ website in their own newsletters provided an acknowledgement of the source is also included. Sir Patrick Moore Celebrates 88th year and 700th 'Sky at Night' 2. Mars is a morning object but will be too low in the dawn sky to see. Mercury is a nominal evening object through March but will never set more than 30 minutes after the sun. The usual notes on the visibility of the Planets for March 2011 are on the RASNZ web site: Sys/Mar_11 Maurice Collins Invited to Lunar and Planetary Conference 11. For those with a GPS, Sir Patrick's invitation helpfully includes 'Farthings' coordinates: Lat N: 50° 43' 51" Long W: 00° 47' 49".

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