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We will divide this tutorial into few sections in order to facilitate the reading.!

- Execute a shell command abort halt - Cancel a running halt cdr status - Display the CDR status feature show - Lists configured features feature show channels - List status of feature channels file convert - Convert audio file group show channels - Display active channels with group(s) help - Display help list, or specific help on a command indication add - Add the given indication to the country indication remove - Remove the given indication from the country indication show - Display a list of all countries/indications keys init - Initialize RSA key passcodes keys show - Displays RSA key information local show channels - List status of local channels logger mute - Toggle logging output to a console logger reload - Reopens the log files logger rotate - Rotates and reopens the log files logger show channels - List configured log channels meetme - Execute a command on a conference or conferee mixmonitor - Execute a Mix Monitor command.

Наша компания не только создает это оборудование на заводе, но и устанавливаем, обслуживаем, и проводим нужную эксплуатацию емкостное оборудование.

restart gracefully - Restart Asterisk gracefully restart now - Restart Asterisk immediately restart when convenient - Restart Asterisk at empty call volume sla show - Show status of Shared Line Appearances soft hangup - Request a hangup on a given channel stop gracefully - Gracefully shut down Asterisk stop now - Shut down Asterisk immediately stop when convenient - Shut down Asterisk at empty call volume stun debug - Enable STUN debugging stun debug off - Disable STUN debugging udptl debug - Enable UDPTL debugging udptl debug ip - Enable UDPTL debugging on IP udptl debug off - Disable UDPTL debuggingael debug contexts - Enable AEL contexts debug (does nothing) ael debug macros - Enable AEL macros debug (does nothing) ael debug read - Enable AEL read debug (does nothing) ael debug tokens - Enable AEL tokens debug (does nothing) ael nodebug - Disable AEL debug messages ael reload - Reload AEL configurationagi debug - Enable AGI debugging agi debug off - Disable AGI debugging agi dumphtml - Dumps a list of agi commands in html format agi show- List AGI commands or specific help dnsmgr reload - Reloads the DNS manager configuration dnsmgr status - Display the DNS manager status http show status - Display HTTP server statusconsole active - Sets/displays active console console answer - Answer an incoming console call console autoanswer - Sets/displays autoanswer console boost - Sets/displays mic boost in d B console dial - Dial an extension on the console console flash - Flash a call on the console console hangup - Hangup a call on the console console mute - Disable mic input console send text - Send text to the remote device console transfer - Transfer a call to a different extension console unmute - Enable mic inputcore clear profile - Clear profiling info core set debug channel - Enable/disable debugging on a channel core set debug - Set level of debug chattiness core set debug off - Turns off debug chattiness core set global - Set global dialplan variable core set verbose - Set level of verboseness core show applications - Shows registered dialplan applications core show application - Describe a specific dialplan application core show audio codecs - Displays a list of audio codecs core show channels - Display information on channels core show channel - Display information on a specific channel core show channeltypes - List available channel types core show channeltype - Give more details on that channel type core show codecs - Displays a list of codecs core show codec - Shows a specific codec core show config mappings - Display config mappings (file names to config engines) core show file formats - Displays file formats core show file version - List versions of files used to build Asterisk core show functions - Shows registered dialplan functions core show function - Describe a specific dialplan function core show globals - Show global dialplan variables core show hints - Show dialplan hints core show image codecs - Displays a list of image codecs core show image formats - Displays image formats core show license - Show the license(s) for this copy of Asterisk core show profile - Display profiling info core show switches - Show alternative switches core show threads - Show running threads core show translation - Display translation matrix core show uptime - Show uptime information core show version - Display version info core show video codecs - Displays a list of video codecs core show warranty - Show the warranty (if any) for this copy of Asteriskdatabase del - Removes database key/value database deltree - Removes database keytree/values database get - Gets database value database put - Adds/updates database value database show - Shows database contents database showkey - Shows database contentsdialplan add extension - Add new extension into context dialplan add ignorepat - Add new ignore pattern dialplan add include - Include context in other context dialplan reload - Reload extensions and *only* extensions dialplan remove extension - Remove a specified extension dialplan remove ignorepat - Remove ignore pattern from context dialplan remove include - Remove a specified include from context dialplan save - Save dialplan dialplan show - Show dialplandundi debug - Enable DUNDi debugging dundi flush - Flush DUNDi cache dundi lookup - Lookup a number in DUNDi dundi no debug - Disable DUNDi debugging dundi no store history - Disable DUNDi historic records dundi precache - Precache a number in DUNDi dundi query - Query a DUNDi EID dundi show entityid - Display Global Entity ID dundi show mappings - Show DUNDi mappings dundi show peers - Show defined DUNDi peers dundi show peer - Show info on a specific DUNDi peer dundi show precache - Show DUNDi precache dundi show requests - Show DUNDi requests dundi show trans - Show active DUNDi transactions dundi store history - Enable DUNDi historic recordsgtalk reload - Enable Jabber debugging gtalk show channels - Show Google Talk Channels jabber debug - Enable Jabber debugging jabber debug off - Disable Jabber debug jabber reload - Enable Jabber debugging jabber show connected - Show state of clients and components jabber test - Shows roster, but is generally used for mog's debugging.iax2 provision - Provision an IAX device iax2 prune realtime - Prune a cached realtime lookup iax2 reload - Reload IAX configuration iax2 set debug - Enable IAX debugging iax2 set debug jb - Enable IAX jitterbuffer debugging iax2 set debug jb off - Disable IAX jitterbuffer debugging iax2 set debug off - Disable IAX debugging iax2 set debug trunk - Enable IAX trunk debugging iax2 set debug trunk off - Disable IAX trunk debugging iax2 show cache - Display IAX cached dialplan iax2 show channels - List active IAX channels iax2 show firmware - List available IAX firmwares iax2 show netstats - List active IAX channel netstats iax2 show peers - List defined IAX peers iax2 show peer - Show details on specific IAX peer iax2 show provisioning - Display iax provisioning iax2 show registry - Display IAX registration status iax2 show stats - Display IAX statistics iax2 show threads - Display IAX helper thread info iax2 show users - List defined IAX users iax2 test losspct - Set IAX2 incoming frame loss percentagemanager show command - Show a manager interface command manager show commands - List manager interface commands manager show connected - List connected manager interface users manager show eventq - List manager interface queued events manager show users - List configured manager users manager show user - Display information on a specific manager usermgcp audit endpoint - Audit specified MGCP endpoint mgcp reload - Reload MGCP configuration mgcp set debug - Enable MGCP debugging mgcp set debug off - Disable MGCP debugging mgcp show endpoints - List defined MGCP endpointspri debug span - Enables PRI debugging on a span pri intense debug span - Enables REALLY INTENSE PRI debugging pri no debug span - Disables PRI debugging on a span pri set debug file - Sends PRI debug output to the specified file pri show debug - Displays current PRI debug settings pri show spans - Displays PRI Information pri show span - Displays PRI Information pri unset debug file - Ends PRI debug output to filequeue add member - Add a channel to a specified queue queue remove member - Removes a channel from a specified queue queue show - Show status of a specified queue rtcp debug ip - Enable RTCP debugging on IP rtcp debug - Enable RTCP debugging rtcp debug off - Disable RTCP debugging rtcp stats - Enable RTCP stats rtcp stats off - Disable RTCP stats rtp debug ip - Enable RTP debugging on IP rtp debug - Enable RTP debugging rtp debug off - Disable RTP debugging say load - Set/show the say mode show parkedcalls - Lists parked calls show queue - Show information for target queue show queues - Show the queuessip history - Enable SIP history sip history off - Disable SIP history sip notify - Send a notify packet to a SIP peer sip prune realtime - Prune cached Realtime object(s) sip prune realtime peer - Prune cached Realtime peer(s) sip prune realtime user - Prune cached Realtime user(s) sip reload - Reload SIP configuration sip set debug - Enable SIP debugging sip set debug ip - Enable SIP debugging on IP sip set debug off - Disable SIP debugging sip set debug peer - Enable SIP debugging on Peername sip show channels - List active SIP channels sip show channel - Show detailed SIP channel info sip show domains - List our local SIP domains.

sip show history - Show SIP dialog history sip show inuse - List all inuse/limits sip show objects - List all SIP object allocations sip show peers - List defined SIP peers sip show peer - Show details on specific SIP peer sip show registry - List SIP registration status sip show settings - Show SIP global settings sip show subscriptions - List active SIP subscriptions sip show users - List defined SIP users sip show user - Show details on specific SIP userskinny reset - Reset Skinny device(s) skinny set debug - Enable Skinny debugging skinny set debug off - Disable Skinny debugging skinny show devices - List defined Skinny devices skinny show lines - List defined Skinny lines per devicezap destroy channel - Destroys a channel zap restart - Fully restart zaptel channels zap show cadences - List cadences zap show channels - Show active zapata channels zap show channel - Show information on a channel zap show status - Show all Zaptel cards status Matthewoxisp (buimeeffet at gmail dot com)29 June 2018 tab cialis 20mg price in pakistan [url= cialis generic[/url] levitra vs cialis generic cialis buy cialis online usa Krfhenoxism (Sob Sob Sob at gmail dot com)23 June 2018 buy cialis super online no prescription phiser viagra without perscriptiononline viagra without prescriptionpurchase viagra without prescription get viagra without doctorcheap viagra without subscriptionviagra without prescription online buy cialis no prescription order viagra online without a prescriptiondiscount viagra without perscriptiongeneric prescription viagra without [url= cialis 20mg tablets[/url] best place to buy viagra online without prescriptioncost of viagra without insuranceviagra without prescriptions uk Stephenoxism (Sob Sob Sob at gmail dot com)18 June 2018 viagra without prescription online canadian viagra without prescriptionviagra without a presbuying viagra without a prescription purchase viagra without a prescriptionhealthy man viagra without prescriptionviagra without perception [url= without prescriptions usa[/url] Stephenoxism (Sob Sob Sob at gmail dot com)17 June 2018 viagra pas cher au canada buy viagra without a prescriptionbuy viagra without prescriptionbuy viagra without rx without a prescription brand viagraviagra without subscription fastgeneric viagra without prescription [url= rite aid sells viagra for women[/url] viagra without subscriptionbuy viagra without prescription onlineviagra without perscription Odane38 (nqigds118 at gmail dot com)12 June 2018 qa=12984&qa_1=plan-levonorgestrel-comprar-receta-internet-estados-unidos qa=16670&qa_1=labetalol-100-baisse-prix-sur-internet-prix-boite-labetalol do=/blog/105388/purchase-estradiol-2mg-online/ Ezagu59 (vdcxgp828 at hotmail dot com)05 June 2018

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