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Psychologist Dr Linda Nielsen has been studying the father-daughter relationship for over 15 years.Like researchers before her, she acknowledges that positive fathering produces well-adjusted, confident and successful daughters who relate well to the men in their lives.But it’s never too late to start – or continue – the healing process. But there is nothing we have been through, or seen, or done, that cannot be used to make our lives more valuable now.

All children need their parents to mirror them back to themselves, with love. Where his manner of relating to her deviates from this is where the problems start.N is in her late 30s and enjoyed a privileged upbringing.But her relationship with her father has been a source of great pain in her life.In extreme cases, this can negatively impact – not only in girlhood, but in adulthood too – how her nervous system and all the other systems of her body function (stress will do that, as explained here), which will in turn affect how she feels in herself, and how she relates to others.One of my coaching clients gave me permission to share her story.

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He provided for the family and was always there for his children when needed, but his manner of relating to N alternated, for the most part, between emotionally distant, and harshly judgmental and disapproving.

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