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From arbitrary rap song references to excessive use of the word ‘booty’, they've had it all, and I've convinced (read ‘bribed’) a few of them to talk about their (equally bizare) experiences...

For a ‘post-racial society’, race sure is brought up a lot on Tinder and funnily enough, it’s rarely by black women.

It’s not going to make you any more or less compatible with her because you’ve been with ‘one of her kind’ before.‘The other day, someone started a conversation with me by quoting Kanye in Yes; some black women have spectacular bums but I can assure you, guys with that attitude certainly won’t be benefitting from them.Sorry to disappoint Tin-dudes but black women aren’t selectively bred for hip hop videos and fulfilling racist fantasies.Obviously – that person did not get a response back. ” They go on to say they've heard black girls are really good or “freaky” in bed.’ Dionne adds.Paula is no fan of these declarations either: ‘It's in no way a compliment or flattering because we're far more complex than our ethnicity.’ ‘I’ve never been with a black girl before.’ a Tin-duh brain will cyber smirk. Black women aren’t a great movie you’ve just got to see or a great place to eat out (steady!

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