Accommodating employees with disabilities policy college

Accommodation may include, but is not limited to: • Human support services such as sign language interpreters, readers, etc.

• Technical aids and devices and adaptive technologies • Workstation and/or minor office modifications • Job redesign • Reassignments and alternative jobs • Flexible or alternative work schedules • Temporary rehabilitative assignments : The Ontario Human Rights Code prescribes three considerations in assessing whether an accommodation could cause undue hardship: Cost, Outside Sources of Funding and Health and Safety Considerations.

When a manager is approached relative to a request for accommodation, she or he has the responsibility to respond to the request within ten working days by proceeding in one of the following directions: a.

Failure by a manager to respond to an accommodation issue within 10 working days will provide an employee recourse to the appropriate senior director or dean.

In order to facilitate the accommodation process, employees/applicants will not unreasonably withhold such information.

Where the accommodation process requires the release of confidential information to a third party (such as an external resource group), the third party, and any person or department delegated by that third party, will be required to ensure that confidentiality is protected, that the information obtained is kept in a secure location, and used solely for the purpose that the release was required.

The WWS is also responsible for: • Implementing and making recommendations on all issues relating to the operation and maintenance of the Central Employment Accommodation Fund (CEAF); • Providing information and assistance in identifying external funding that may be available and appropriate resources that may be used at any stage of the accommodation process; • Tracking and maintaining statistics on accommodation, including reports and statistics on the types and costs of accommodations made (without identifying individuals); • Referring issues appropriately to the Assistant Vice President, Human Resources. • Providing front-line support to employees and managers on accommodation issues; • Ensuring that the needs of persons with disabilities are addressed in the recruitment and selection process; • Ensuring adherence to all legislative and collective agreement obligations; • Liaising directly with appropriate internal resources, including Academic Accommodation Services, Human Rights Services, and Workplace Wellbeing Services as well as managers and individual applicants or employees.

• The Assistant Vice President of Human Resources assumes overall accountability for the interpretation and application of this policy, including: overall financial accountability for the CEAF, facilitating the resolutions of disputes concerning accommodation and ensuring that appropriate training and resources are available.

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