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Any adjustment required to perfect the vision is carried out by the digital light delivery device which is designed to deliver the exact dose and profile of light onto the LAL to correct any residual errors.Light adjustability of the lens is based on the principles of photochemistry and diffusion whereby components incorporated into the lens matrix are photopolymerised on exposure to the UV light.This is accomplished by adjusting the lens implant after surgery by the safe and non-invasive application of ultraviolet light controlled by a sophisticated computer system.The lens adjustment is so predictable that it is possible to give patients 20/20 normal vision without glasses in healthy eyes.This lens is transparent and flexible becoming thicker and thinner to focus near and far.In our early forties it loses this ability and becomes more rigid so we need reading glasses to see close, a condition called presbyopia.

Light Adjustable Lens Technology The Light Adjustable Lens silicone was developed from the same material used in modern implants available today worldwide.

This is usually due to preexisting astigmatism or induced astigmatism from the operation, inaccuracy in the biometry measurements taken before surgery to choose the lens strength or the unpredictable effects of wound healing.

For the first time in the history of eye surgery we can correct any residual errors reducing vision without any additional surgical procedures.

It is simply the most technologically advanced implant available which can be adjusted after surgery to give the best vision possible for each individual eye without glasses.

Inside every eye is a natural lens which focuses light onto the retina.

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