Accommodating the a 380

Matching the height of an eight-story building, it dwarfs most of the other airplanes around when you see it on the tarmac.Each airline has chosen to configure the layout of the vast plane differently.

The A380 was specifically designed to use the currently existing worldwide runway structure.

And, of course, there are also a lot more ground staff on duty whenever an A380 lands.” So although plenty of other travelers will be sharing the A380 experience with you, you can have every confidence that boarding the plane at departure and disembarking on arrival will be smooth and streamlined.

A flight on the A380 is an experience you will never forget.

With only a handful of exceptions, airports provide at least one boarding bridge per deck, and, of course, elevators or escalators are available for passengers.

In many airports (Dubai, for instance) you can access the boarding bridge directly from an exclusive dedicated lounge if you are traveling First Class.

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