Accomodating cultural diversity

Therefore I requested a schedule that would allow me to take a shorter lunch and leave by every day or, alternatively, come in early, take the usual hour lunch, and still leave by — the sticking point, since my partner’s regular work hours made him unreliable for pick up (he would largely handle drop-off).

I explained that I could not leave at and reliably make it to pick-up every day by , and we do not have family or much childcare support in our area.

” If she is irritated about it, sometimes it’s better to just bring it to the surface and talk about it openly, rather than feeling vaguely uneasy that she might spring it on you at some point.

But if you decide that you’d prefer not to open this can of worms and that you’d rather ignore her hints until she decides to raise it directly with you, that’s perfectly legitimate too.

In January 2017, I returned to my job after having my first child.

During a call with my manager about a month before my return, I explained that my family and I had recently moved, resulting in a longer commute, and that my daughter needed to be picked up from daycare no later than 6 p.m.

New teachers will find this resource particularly valuable.My understanding was that we’d agreed to that as a condition of my return.” You could also say, “I’d thought it was working pretty well, but is it causing problems?” That’s not an opening for her to convince you to change your mind; that’s just you collecting information to better understand her perspective, because there’s value in more fully understanding where she’s coming from.It is true that since becoming a mother, I do not have the bandwidth to put in some of the extra time I used to, but I absolutely work the required number of weekly hours and work an evening now and then if necessary to cover an event, and there has been no drop in the quality of my work.Regardless, I am anticipating that she will try to take away this “perk” during my upcoming annual review, especially since she has recently been promoted to the head of the department and might want to throw her weight around in her new role. I have to be honest: maintaining the ability to leave at is really a non-negotiable for me.

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But the real value in asking that is in forcing her to articulate exactly what her concern is — because if it’s just optics, it’s useful to get that out on the table.

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  1. It's generally not a good idea to ask someone where he or she lives until you know them a little better, and asking what they do for a living isn't considered very original.