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They can be risky because they give others direct access to your files, and many Peer-to-Peer programs don’t allow their users to have a firewall in place so they can leave your computer open for a malware infection.

Learn more: Computer and Device Defense A checklist of questions to ask yourself before posting something in cyberspace to decide if it is too personal to share.

Your username is a major part of your online identity.

Cyber bullies may post embarrassing information on webpages, trick people into giving out personal information, send threatening or cruel messages or emails or pretend to be somebody else to send mean or embarrassing messages.

The author of a blog is called a "blogger." An acronym for Be Right Back. C Slang used when chatting in cyberspace, where you use shorter words or just letters to stand for other words.

For example, you may use "r" instead of "are," or "cuz" instead of "because."Learn more: Internet Chat Slang To ignore someone, one way to protect yourself from cyber criminals.

Betty's Cyber Bullying page has tips for dealing with cyber bullying if you ever encounter it and strategies for protecting yourself from cyber bullies. Etiquette is defined as "the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life," so, in other words, good manners!

Being friendly and polite shows good manners both offline and online, but because you can't see the other person and words last in Cyberspace, there are also some special manners you should also follow online.

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  1. It’s a useful intermediary in a culture that stresses getting to know people first, and sending someone a friend request is a nice way of saying that you’d like to do just that.