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They close the doors slowly so as to not make any noise. A long, chilling howl erupts from the woods across the freshly cut hay field in front of them, followed by a chorus of yips and more howling. For most of human history, wolves have been feared and hated.

Janis Jaquith, a long-time resident of Free Union, had her first encounter with what she believes was a coywolf in summer 2004.

She watched her flock of eight guinea fowl walking toward her house at dusk with a coyote following them.

“That animal didn’t care that I was there at all,” she says. It’s not that the population as a whole does this, but some individuals specialize in it.” The coyote hunters have their own opinions about the eating habits of coyotes, owing to years of observation of their behavior and picking apart their scat.

The pair adds up to a convincing facsimile of a rival pack of coyotes. That’s why when you hear them barking at each other, two different packs, it’s this pack here is trying to intimidate that pack.” Hummell and Koontz continue to challenge the pack that is audibly moving toward the tripods and rifles.

A light switches on in a house about 300 yards away. “As for humans, there have been very few attacks, but they’ve happened,” she says.

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