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Start doing all the things you’ve wanted to do to create the life you want to live. In addition to investing in ourselves, we should also invest in other people.Wendy Powell of Greenville, South Carolina, who has three children with her husband of almost 20 years, said young adults today should be “traveling the world, exploring, having fun, and relaxing.” Life doesn’t have to begin only with the addition of someone else. I agree, as Umstattd suggests, that we shouldn’t discard the good things that can come from a casual date.

However, along the way concepts and guidance for relationships and finding your significant other have varied from “date everyone” to “date no one and wait for God to bring the right person into your life.” Confusing?While I attended college at Southern Adventist University, a professor who still believed in the concept of “Southern Matrimonial College” introduced one of his former students to the class.This student had met his wife in that very class, and the teacher wanted to show us that we too could find someone special in school. There isn’t a magic formula for finding “the one”: not courtship, not dating, and not going to an Adventist university.My dad could weed out all the bad boys because they would have to go through him first.The plan seemed foolproof, especially when Harris argued that traditional dating had many flaws.

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  1. When she’s working, maybe sitting in front of her computer with her eyes blurring over, the last thing she needs is to try and work out what you’re going on about.