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At the party Gianni meets François Villeneuve, a business associate of Vincenzo Serafin, a shady dealer in valuable instruments and rescues the socially inept Yevgeney from a pushy music professor.When Yevgeney disappears, his over-bearing mother is sure he is kidnapped, but Gianni suspects the young man has simply snatched a bit of freedom for himself before returning to his grueling practice and concert schedule.Then Villeneuve is found dead in his hotel room, and police detective Antonio Guastafeste asks Gianni to identify a fragment of sheet music found in the dead man’s pocket.Gianni recognizes the opening notes of Paganini’s “The Moses Fantasy” and Guastafeste shows him an antique gold box engraved with Moses on Mount Sinai that Villeneuve had stored in the hotel safe.

Hiding the ring in a secret spot with his own ring, Ellis heads off to the city to check on the rest of the group.Harris told investigators he met the girl online and thought she was 19, "but admitted (she) looked young," court documents state.But according to a search warrant affidavit unsealed Thursday in 2nd District Court, "the 15-year-old female stated Scott was aware of her age and Scott would make statements during sex with reference to her underage status." The girl also claimed that Harris possessed nude photos of her and "would extort further sexual contact with the female by threatening to release the images," according to the warrant.During his search, Ellis is asked by another street person to check on her daughter Moonstar, who is also living on the street.Moonstar declares that she is fine under the protection of her pimp, but tells Ellis that pregnant girls have been vanishing from the Second Chance Hostel for Women.

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