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I provide several opportunities to promote both verbal and non verbal communication for children in my classroom.

One way I support communication in young infants is by placing two infants on the floor.

One way I support physical advancement in non mobile infants is by encouraging them to roll from front to back.

I do this by placing the child on the floor, bending one knee and arm and then gently rolling the child.

Now you have a one tap makeover in the palm of you hand.Hexologic has everything that is needed to be considered a puzzle game: there's something "broken" on your screen and you must tap everything until you can fix it.Thus, it's a game (of course it is) but is also a kind of mental trainer. To support advancement in cognitive learning I provide a variety of age appropriate activities that will promote curiosity, exploration and problem solving.An activity that I perform with young infants is the game peek-a-boo.

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