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Interestingly, the principles behind these Blue Zones are inherent to the lifestyle promoted by active adult communities, and why so many retirees may already be “in the zone.” These Blue Zones prioritize a healthy (primarily plant-based) diet, they use their bodies to live – moving constantly throughout the day- and the piece of the puzzle many of us overlook in the quest for youth is allowing enough time for rest, and finding our purpose.

When you think about what many active adult communities offer in terms of health and social engagement, it seems they’ve already unlocked the secret to a long, and healthy life making it more likely that today’s baby boomers will become tomorrow’s centenarians.

Here are 11 fun facts about the quirky comedy that was filmed in Central New York: 1. "Adult World" was filmed entirely in Syracuse over three and a half weeks in February and March 2012.

Roberts' character, Amy, is a Syracuse University graduate and Central New Yorkers can see lots of local landmarks on screen such as SU, the Carrier Dome, the Gear Factory, Recess Coffee, Little Italy, Clinton Square, Phoebe's restaurant and the upside down traffic light on Tipperary Hill. " director Scott Coffey said during an on-set interview on February 10, 2012 -- Roberts' 21st birthday. We all went out last night for Emma's birthday." Evan Peters and Emma Roberts pose at the Twentieth Century Fox Global Premiere of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' held at the Jacob K. Despite buzz about their on-screen chemistry, Peters and Roberts didn't get along at first when they met on the Syracuse set. I was really kind of awkward and stupid," Peters, 27, said of the 23-year-old actress. in Syracuse, a real store called Adult World exists at 2870 Erie Boulevard East.

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She meets Alex (Evan Peters) while seeking mentorship from reclusive, snarky poet Rat Billings (John Cusack).

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It’s not uncommon for buses to brake for grizzlies or rogue hares crossing the road as you take a narrated wilderness tour through the tundra, but if you’re lucky enough to catch a un-shrouded glimpse of Denali mountain itself, you’ve reached the pinnacle of what most can only dream of marking off their bucket list. We’ve all pursued the holy grail of health, and vitality, logging hours at the gym, and following the latest diets – but what if the secret to pushing 100 is more than what’s on our plate?

Dan Buettner’s book Blue Zones takes an insightful look into five cultures known as having the longest living populations – Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa Japan, Ikaria Greece, Nicoya Costa Rica, and a group of Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda California.

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