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Because when you’re eighteen, having a monogamous boyfriend or girlfriend might be what you feel like right then. I think for a lot of people tension comes from this feeling of, “Wait, am I not who I thought I was?

In a year or two maybe you want to be with multiple people, and you feel equipped and able to do that. ” And my advice is that your feelings and desires and what makes you healthy and happy will probably change over time.

One way to engage in that work is through the use of relational maintenance behaviors. These maintenance behaviors include openness, positivity, assurances, conflict management, shared social networks, and shared tasks.

The introduction of a child, however, changes the nature of a relationship.

If you’re thinking about being in a relationship and you don’t feel comfortable talking out loud about it to anybody yet, I would recommend finding communities online, and following people on Tumblr or on Instagram who are out about being part of that community or identity, and looking to them to be role models and resources.And really the best thing you can invest in trying to figure out is how to talk about your feelings, and how to be honest with people even when that’s really scary.It really helps to have some kind of community and some kind of support for whatever relationship you have.Everybody feels like they’re particularly awkward or they have trouble communicating. What advice would you give someone who says, “I’m new to dating, and I really want to figure out what relationship style is right for me.How do I figure out if I’m monogamous or poly or just want to be single and casually date? Not to say, I’m this one way, and I’m going to be this way forever.

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