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The interesting combination of fabrics were also something that added a beautiful subtle contrast to the collection.

The use of denim for the grey jacket, or the employment of leather jeans, gave the looks a decidedly contemporary feel.

The two most noted families who owned the site were the Gabriel Montgommerys and the Nicolas Angos, but its role as Resistance center in World War II may be its most notable episode.

Gothic fiction, with its fascinating blend of romance and horror, was to reach its peak during the Victorian era.

During the first half of the 19th century, works were widespread in the form of cheap , would come to define the dark yet beautiful genre.

Removed from its setting on the catwalk, the pieces felt far more modern and the subtle quality of the pieces truly did show through.

In that matter, I feel the decision to shoot against a plain studio backdrop was a good one.

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Our reporter has this habit of mumbling words after he finishes sentences, whatever he mumbles is not clearly audible to the listener. And so the interview begins."Aahh well, During my days of struggle in Mumbai, I once visited this uncle's place in Andheri, where I saw this girl wiping the dining table clean with a piece of cloth..mischief on her face..ooohh the way her back was..""Aah there you go again, you got me nostalgic today, My fav subject has always been Baailogy more so since that moronic teacher didn't teach us that chapter in our science textbook, which talked about as how to take precautions while raping ...

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