Ali macgraw and ryan o39neal dating

“Many, many, many people saw ‘Love Story’ at a specific time in their lives,” Mac Graw said.

“It certainly was a big moment the year it came out, and I think they’re reviewing, whether they know it or not, their own choices over the decades.” Asked whether they had a favorite moment from the show that seemed to resonate most deeply, Mac Graw and O’Neal, unsurprisingly, settled on the same one.

AM: When I first read the script, I was deeply affected by it. It's so simplistic, and my film tastes are, well, intense, let's put it that way. At the time, I still owed Paramount a movie, so I called my agent, Marty Davidson, and said, "Couldn't you get this to be the movie?

O’Neal’s film career petered out in the years after the movie, while Mac Graw’s own career in film and television never quite delivered on the promise of her idealistic early days in the industry.Upon its 1970 premiere, became a runaway international hit; audiences around the globe sobbed in darkened theaters.The Academy bestowed its approval: seven nominations, including best actor and actress noms for Mac Graw and O'Neal.I think when our world is just that, it’s a very electrical feeling.It is for me.” Because of their appearance in “Love Story,” Mac Graw added, there are natural parallels audiences will draw to their own lives just by virtue of the cultural associations the actors evoke.

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