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I believe I'm a character actor and as I get older and begin to look more like one, I think people are beginning to get the idea."Sewell has matured in other ways.

Born and raised in Twickenham, west London, to a Welsh mother and Australian father (an animator, who died when Rufus was 10), he enjoyed a bohemian upbringing and wayward youth which ran at times to truancy, drugs and thieving.

Holding a huge bouquet of white roses, the actress sat back and enjoyed the ride with her new husband.

Naturally pretty star Alice kept her wedding make-up simple with a lick of mascara and eyeliner defining her features.

According to a documentary, in 2008 one-third of all piloted American TV series had British people in a starring or main supporting role, so this is expanding almost beyond the boundaries of trope.

There are honestly so many actors playing fake Americans in games, tv shows, and movies as of late, most people that aren't familiar with many of the actors from across the pond assume they're American.

The 32-year-old, daughter of Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan, accepted her financier boyfriend's proposal in August and the pair married before the new year.

If the character is called upon to "fake" the accent that's really theirs, it's a case of Lampshade Hanging, of the sub-type How's Your British Accent.

Certainly on this side of the Atlantic, audiences have come to associate him with brooding roles in period pieces or else highbrow stage productions, such as Tom Stoppard's recent Rock 'N' Roll, for which he won critical acclaim.

He admits he had "initial misgivings" about playing a villain.

America is a nation of immigrants after all, and it isn't all that unusual to meet people who were born or raised overseas, or natural-born Americans who carry an accent from growing up in an ethnic neighborhood.

Expect such situations to be Lampshaded, however, especially if the actor in question has a relatively heavy accent, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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