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possibly a Su Baek Hyang The Kings Daughter Part 2 I watched this drama to check out Jeon Tae Su because he is brother of Ha Ji Won. But the one who caught and held my attention is actor Jo Hyun Jae (Myung-Nong).

This my first time to watch Hyun Jae, I can say he is one damn fine actor. I also like he doesn't overact like what most actors do, he doesn't even shout when angry but he always engages my attention in all his scenes, even if he is doing something as mundane as looking at flower.

Fortunately Empress Ki is more more popular so there is nothing to say!

@aa,i agree with Livia, King's Daughter is much more interesting compared to empress Ki,i enjoyed every episodes,out of 108 episodes none of them are boring,did you ever watch this drama before commenting ?? I hope to see more drama like this especially more of Jo hyunjae :) Until Solan discover her true identity, the story is great..

Scenes between Seol-Nan and Myung Nong were funny, sweet and sad at the same time. Probably the best Korean historical drama since Jumong. Such a WONDEFUL epic love story (",) Although it was quite tiring to watch because some unimportant scenes were over stretch and some unnecessary part should have been edited plus the too many flash back scenes, it was PERFECT !!! What is the root that they are eating, especially the last episode?

It could it even be used as a framework for how to create an entertaining drama.

It has great acting, great pacing, great writing, great chemistry between actors and great costumes.

The most soulful performances were by the veteran actors Jae-ryong Lee as King Moo Ryung and Tae-young Yoon as Koo-Chun. The light comedic scenes also made the show very enjoyable to watch.

A viewer would never become bored if other dramas of this genre added some light comedy as well.

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I will give five stars for KDSBH and 4 stars for empress ki Can't agree anymore! I have watched empress ki many times, it is the best of best, all the people in Korea and Asia love this drama, it was the best drama of 2013-2014 but king daughter is toooo long, I just watched it ones, there were a lot of borring scenes for filling the episodes, actors obviously can't do their best, king daughter can't compare with empress ki. incestuous affair and finding ways to justify it, the character is as bad as her sis.

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