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Q: And it's nice to, considering this past year, be getting attention.

Like when you're on the treadmill and somebody's telling you about a script.

Q: For , what was your first impression of the final film? You see, it's really great to see a movie at a festival. ROCKWELL: Not really, I originally didn't want to do it because I was, again, really tired. You can get a great script and not want to do it because you're just burnt out.

you're not, you're just kind of like back to normal. Because you get like free Prada suits and then I go back to my ... So, it's just this weird dichotomy: Traveling first-class, and then... For me, it's not yet to the point where it's a constant thing. ROCKWELL: I'm doing a movie with Ridley Scott, Nicolas Cage, and Allison Lohman called . In a certain way, if there was a lead in the film, it would be your character... I guess it's the only thing that might kind of make it that way. I'm a supporting cast member, Nic Cage's partner in the movie. ROCKWELL: It was good for me, because does tend to focus on your character. Using your imagination to sort of daydream about stuff. And yeah, you've got to go to dark places sometimes to do stuff. He exaggerates it, and gets a laugh, but I mean he's really got to go through a thing. [Rockwell acknowledges his cigarette and takes a drag.] But you know, but I do it just to stay healthy. I don't spar, but I learned some tricks for the movie. [He laughs.] Take the hit, learn how to fall, exactly. ROCKWELL: I think I was just ready for this movie, ready to do this movie. I've studied a technique called the Sanford Miesner technique, that teaches you how to focus. And the techniques really about imaginary circumstances. [Here, Rockwell gathers his thoughts.] One thing that bugs me in comedy is when somebody does a fake cry, you know, like they &#Array; he's exaggerating, but I think he was really going somewhere emotionally.

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