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And unfortunately, I’ve never been one of those connecting people who walk in a bar without knowing anyone and get out leading a group of strangers towards the next pub.

At the beginning, I was also extremely shy and lacked any sort of confidence.

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But then, everybody is looking for other things as well: money, sex, security, comfort, excitement, something to show off with, etc. What I’ve learned while looking for love in Luxembourg is that most people don’t know what they are looking for. something Looking for love is like having a blind date. One time, when I was in a holly place where everyone was throwing coins I put a wish: And my wish was granted. In the course of the process of “searching for love” I’ve become closer to some friends and I discovered the real meaning of the word “friendship”. I’ve also met people whom are not close close friends but who supported me, helped me or simply offered time and kind words of encouragement. And I’ve also became closer to my family, which made me understand how you can love and hate someone at the same time. Once, for a concert, I bumped into 3 men I had dated in the course of half of hour.

What I learned from this was to get over people and accept the fact that I’m not living in a big City like Berlin and I just have to deal with the fact that the only way of forgetting someone is to mentally letting go.

As my gynaecologist says: if you relax the experience can be close to enjoyable. ” and you’re a beginner in French, don’t go for the dictionary.

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Ernestlux Luxembourg, District de Luxembourg, Luxembourg Man.

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