Amazon package tracking not updating

The new AMIs are available in the AWS Marketplace and the Quick Start tab of the launch instance wizard within a few days of their release.

Amazon Web Services did not release updated Windows Server AMIs in February. The following features, which were previously available in Enterprise edition only, are now enabled in Standard, Web, and Express editions with SQL Server 2016 SP1: All Windows Server 2008 R2 AMIs for July were removed and rolled back to AMIs dated 20, because of an issue discovered in the AWS PV driver. The August AMI release will include Windows Server 2008 R2 AMIs with the fixed AWS PV driver and July/August Windows updates. If you run the Docker service on Windows Server 2016 AMIs, the service is configured to use a different CIDR value than the default internal IP address prefix value. Windows Server 2016 AMIs use to avoid a conflict with the default Amazon EC2 VPC/subnet.After releasing new Windows AMIs, AWS makes the Windows AMIs that are older than three months private within 10 days.After an AMI has been made private, if you look at an instance launched from that AMI in the console, the AMI ID field states, "Cannot load detail for ami-xxxxx.For more information, see Amazon ECS Container Agent Configuration. If the file is not ready yet (for example, the moment the task is started), a truncated version of the file format is available.AWS provides managed Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that include various versions and configurations of Windows Server.

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