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There were brothers who would insinuate that my husband married me because “foreign women are quiet and aren’t loud like the black sisters.” One African-American brother said, They would stare in disbelief when my husband would say, “She’s a woman, just like all women.

She has emotions, and a ‘mouth’ that you say only American sisters have.

We have been able to deal with all the racism in school and government, but dealing with our brothers and sisters in imaan treating us like suspects is something we’ve yet to learn to handle effectively.

We experienced ignorant bigotry from other Muslims outside of our families.We dealt with the typical bigotry many multicultural couples deal with from both white and black Americans.We dealt with the ignorant kind of bigotry on both sides of our families.When our imaan is questioned, and we are accused of major sins because we aren’t the nationality or colors they’d expect to see wearing niqab and thobes, our hearts are crushed.These people aren’t non-Muslim cops who uphold America’s racist system.

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