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Radiocarbon dating of Paleolithic bones has frequently resulted in severe underestimates of the real age, but direct dating of Neanderthal and modern human fossil remains is crucial to understanding the mechanics of the extinction of the former and the initial wide dispersal of the latter.

Paleogenetic studies have shown that humans sharing haplogroup U characteristics dispersed into Europe (U5) and North Africa (U6 and M1), but dating of this diaspora is not certain (16).

Standard sample preparation protocols for dating bones generally follow an acid–base–acid (ABA) treatment, involving a decalcification step to mobilize hydroxyapatite, followed by a dilute Na OH or KOH wash that removes some humic and fulvic acids, followed by reacidification.

After washing, the extracted collagen is usually gelatinized (solubilized) at p H 3 at temperatures ranging from 58 °C to 100 °C and filtered.

These inaccuracies in turn frustrate the development of archaeological chronologies and, in the Paleolithic, blur the dating of such key events as the dispersal of anatomically modern humans.

Here we describe a method to date hydroxyproline found in collagen (∼10% of collagen carbon) as a bone-specific biomarker that removes impurities, thereby improving dating accuracy and confidence.

The resulting 1.2 mg graphite, produced for dating by accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS), yielded an age of 33,250 ± 500 y BP (Table 1 and Table S1).One area of pressing need in this respect is dating the spread of early anatomically modern humans out of Africa and into Europe and Eurasia.Direct dating of hominin fossils, as a means to assess the nature and timing of major demographic dispersals, Neanderthal extinctions, and admixture across Eurasia is usually based on radiocarbon dating and to a lesser extent optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) measurements.This method is applied to two important sites in Russia and allows us to report the earliest direct ages for the presence of anatomically modern humans on the Russian Plain.These dates contribute considerably to our understanding of the emergence of the Mid-Upper Paleolithic and the complex suite of burial behaviors that begin to appear during this period.

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Radiocarbon dating of bone collagen routinely focuses on the extraction of bulk proteins that are then purified before radiocarbon measurement.

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