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They lead a life of simplicity and yet have very harsh ways of doing things.The Amish is perhaps the most diverse culture in the entire United States.The Amish of Pennsylvania and Ohio greatly differ with the rest of American society.“Although the Amish look like they stepped out of the rural nineteenth century, in fact they do change,” (Amish Cultures).“Children usually work on their parent’s farm until they marry and go off to create a farm of their own” (Amish).Even the youngest of their children are assigned chores to do around the farm. In most other cultures, children complain over the littlest tasks.Family is among the most important values the Amish stress.They don’t like to let anything break their family ties. V., accessing computers, surfing the internet, playing video games, etc.

“Old order groups all drive horses and buggies rather than cars, do not have electricity in their homes.

In a society such as ours where whining has become an art form, the Amish just keep on going. This family structure provided a safe and secure environment for women and children ...

It is truly ironic that Amish children do much more work then any others and yet, they don’t voice a single complaint. It covers approximately 36 million individuals including children, the aged, blind, and/or disabled, and people ... money so that their children can live a happy, fulfilled life with most things they ... That also means less quality family time because they will be working their ... Many adaptations took place which resembled similar American cultures.

Amish children usually attend school until eighth grade, whereas, most other cultures continue on through high school and sometimes even college.

Also, Amish school systems are operated solely by the parents.

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