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“Don’t get your meat where you get your bread,” she said.

“That’s always been my philosophy.” And knowing them more deeply, in fact, turns her off.

Spindel, who is decidedly unwedded, spends the majority of her waking hours wading through the gritty details of desire.

On telephone calls with potential clients and daily simulated dates throughout the city, countless men, and some women, reveal to her their most deep-seated and peculiar relationship needs in the way a patient might divulge his or her unfiltered feelings to a psychotherapist. Spindel recounted in a manner somewhat clinical, the client who asked for a blonde, blue-eyed version of Kim Kardashian, “but a size zero.” (Who wouldn’t?

“If a hot guy comes into the interview, of course I turn red.”Ms.

Laurent said she would never date a client, though.

Her clients often look at her as an ideal match, despite, she says, that she is not selling herself as one. Ray, who is in a relationship, “then they want an equivalent. More often than not, the male clients are catches, too, in a superficial sense.

So my job is to find the equivalent version of me.”hough none admitted to it, it seems that many matchmakers go into the business to meet romantic partners—there are way more women in New York than there are men, and the competition can get tough—and to reaffirm their own attractiveness.“I know most of the girls who call themselves matchmakers,” said Janis Spindel (who only sees male clients, because she thinks women are too needy and unsatisfiable). “One of them, no names mentioned, was online, on, looking for men and for clients, too.”Whether you see matchmaking as a racket is a matter of opinion, though those who use the services usually consider themselves too busy to find a partner outside of work and are hesitant to try online dating, because it’s too public. They are successful and quite wealthy and are, for the most part, looking to settle down.

Take Fay Goldman, a matchmaker in New York who runs Meaningful Connections. Goldman, who is single, solicited the advice of a client, a successful writer, to discuss a book idea.

) There was the guy who wanted someone “sexy like Angelina Jolie, but also sultry like Mila Kunis,” with a size-26 waist and breasts that would fill a D cup.

(Your standard woman.) And don’t forget the man who requested an African-American professor from Harvard who looked like Halle Berry. )Then there are those who simply decide to pursue Ms. They offer to whisk her away on weekend trips to London. “When I ask them if they have other questions, they’re always wondering how they can date me,” she said. Spindel—who, for the past six years, has worked alongside her mother, Janis, one of the city’s most successful matchmakers—is currently on a “guyatus,” as she put it.

“They’re single girls who’ve been single for a very long time, so they figure, ‘Why not? They wear nice suits, drive expensive cars and have courtside seats at NBA games. Ferman, whose story is somewhat legendary in the matchmaking community, met her husband, Gil, in 1990 when he was the director of Great Expectations, the dating service, in St. “You’re not really supposed to date your own clients, it’s kind of an unspoken rule, but it happens all the time,” said Ms.

Ferman, who estimated that 30 to 40 percent of married matchmakers around the country have found their spouses through their own services.

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It was going great, she said, until he freaked out and disappeared.

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