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ET Saturday, some 30 individuals dressed in black clothing with their faces covered walked through the streets carrying a banner that said, “We Are The Ungovernables,” according to police.(@Oliverio Carmela/Twitter)Hamilton police say they have linked an anarchist book fair held at a Hamilton high school over the weekend to the vandalism spree that caused 0,000 in damages on Locke Street Saturday night.

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that night, while the crowd was moving down Aberdeen Avenue.

Hamilton was stationed on the Mountain at Division 3 as the duty officer in charge at the time, so he was responsible for any major incidents in the city.

He said at the outset that only a handful of police officers were on scene.

He asked the officers if anyone was being injured in the area and they said no, that the protesters were just throwing rocks and setting off fireworks."I immediately instructed that nobody is to engage them, until we get the proper resources in place that we can control the situation properly — because by intervening too early, we could escalate the situation," he said.

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I hear where you're coming from regarding dating liberals, it's become increasingly problematic for me as I've developed my radical political convictions. They're not questioning the institutions in the same critical manner anarchists are. If you mean to refer to the same vague goals that people mention in passing, like equality and freedom, then it's too broad of a usage to classify meaningfully.

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