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She also shares videos of her daily workouts with her nearly 700,000 Instagram followers, along with plenty of smiling selfies and shots of her beloved pets.While Iglesias, a heartthrob in his home country and around the world, also enjoys staying fit, he stops short of joining his long-time love on the tennis court.“Are you kidding me?Not being a Latin pop star, I will not have to split my time between her and filming homoerotic Doritos commercials. Fans used to say, "She could be the best;" Now all the guys chant, "Whoa, look at that chest! A Google search on me returns "You're about as inconsequential as they come." This could continue, I argue, ad infinitum. If ever there has been a more glaring pair of two "star-crossed" lovers, I challenge anyone to prove it.

Iglesias and Kournikova met in 2001 on the set of his music video for the song in which she played his love interest for a series of raunchy scenes.They spend their days taking trips on their private boat, paddle boarding, exercising and playing with their two dogs.Kournikova uses the tennis court to stay in shape and keep up her game, occasionally playing charity or promotional matches.” he said when asked in an interview last year whether he plays against Kournikova.“I try to be competitive, but that’s when you realise you’re an amateur playing a pro — it’s not even close.”But the couple’s idyllic lifestyle hasn’t been without its hiccups – in 2005 a homeless man was arrested for swimming nude across Florida’s Biscayne Bay in an attempt to locate Kournikova’s home.

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