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Working with thousands of parents means that we have saved the lives of strugglingteenagers and young adults.Many shared the notion that their task of sifting through all the web sites to find the right program was literally impossible, especially when looking for therapy-based programs for troubled girls.It allows you to gather comments from other users, take screenshots of the comments, and share them on Snapchat.It also allows you to send anonymous and totally unmoderated comments to any other user, whether you know them or not.if ( document.referrer.index Of(document.location.hostname) == -1 ). build(); var leaderboard_mobile_mapping = Mapping().

Our altruistic desire is to gather pertinent and valuable information and share it with hurting parents.


However, if you download the app and consent, the app will collect your full contact list which the developers can sell.

But our real heart's desire is to serve parents who have found themselves in the unfortunate and unplanned position of searching out Christian or therapeutic boarding schools.

Is your teen or young adults child is acting out in any of the following areas...

Our purpose is to help parents find the best solution for their child and family as a whole.

Our noble purpose is to serve hurting and desperate parents, period.

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