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Was brought up at Hardwick; was taught modern and classical tongues.Many projects of marriage proposed - with Lord Denbigh, son of Earl of Leicester; James VI of Scotland, the 1st of England; with son of Duke of Parma; with Esme Stuart, Duke of Lenox; with Henry IV of France.The pale blue eyes and melancholy features have a decided Stuart character.The face closely resembles that of her father in the Hampton Court picture.” A label [from what exhibition?In 1859 a commentator in the Athenaeum wrote: "The pale blue eyes and melancholy features have a decided Stuart character.

Lingered there four years, till her mind became unhinged. Her history is a sad one, and her end will ever remain an indelible blot on the cold, unfeeling character of James I." In inventory of the contents of Hardwick Hall made in 1601 and attached to the will of Elizabeth Hardwick, Countess of Shrewsbury (c.1520-1608) as "In the Gallerie...

Having agreed to end the engagement, she was released, but she resolved to marry him in secret, resulting in their re-imprisonment.

Her attempts to flee were foiled, and she died, having had a mental breakdown, in 1615.

The daughter of James’s uncle Charles Stewart, Earl of Lennox, and great-granddaughter of King Henry VIII’s sister Margaret Tudor, Arabella was recognized during the last years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I as second, after James VI, in line of succession to the English throne.

Some Englishmen felt that she was better qualified than James to rule the country because she was English by birth and upbringing.

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