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Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor were one of the main couples when "Vanderpump Rules" started, but now both of them have moved on.Jax is doing great his new girlfriend Brittany Cartwright and now his ex Stassi is sharing her thoughts on Jax and his new relationship.I hated myself and I thought it was the right thing to do because I was bringing her down.I am not perfect and I will never be but I am working very hard on myself .Are you shocked to hear that Stassi actually thinks Jax Taylor will end up getting married?when he broke the news to Brittany Cartwright that they should take a break in the wake of their ups and downs this season following his fling with Faith Stowers.

She talked a lot more about Jax and Brittany than she did herself.

She was asked about how soon she thinks he will tie the knot.

Stassi's response to Wet Paint asking if she thought that Jax would get married during the next season she said "I would expect it more than it would blow my mind, actually.

This season viewers will get to see the big wedding of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.

Crazy as it may sound, Stassi Schroeder says that she loves Brittany and even raved about how nice she is.

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It was like for Carnival cruises where I had to be the dad, you know those commercials? "She called up the client the night before or got on the email and said, 'He's not doing this job, it's with a girl.'" "I’m like, I'm playing a dad on a Carnival cruise line commercial, I need that, that's my job! They're like, 'Yeah we found somebody else.' The client's like, I don't need this drama. Jax did have kind things to say about his ex now though.

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