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In Brunei, public displays of affection between people of the opposite sex are considered to be obscene and offensive in the religious sense, though holding hands is acceptable.

Speaking loudly in a private conversation is considered to be rude, as is staring.

Brunei has both humid subtropical and tropical equatorial climates.

The mountainous regions in the east are prone to heavy rainfall.

In its vast banqueting hall thousands of Bruneians tuck into a breakfast of beef curry and honey-roast chicken, piled up on gold-rimmed plates.This has been largely due to a slump in oil prices and reduced production because of extensive repair work on some of the most important oil wells.Since 2009, Brunei has been promoting a national halal branding scheme to draw Muslim customers from within the country and abroad.Brunei’s power began to weaken when the sultan lost the Sarawak territory in 1841 which later resulted in the region becoming a British protectorate.During WWII, Brunei fell under the Japanese regime until 1945, when the country was liberated by Australia.

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