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Until now, it has only been possible to measure the heat output of brown adipose tissue by means of invasive methods.

This approach involves the injection of radioactive substances called "tracers" which participate in the metabolism, making it possible to observe the heat conversion in the tissue.

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Helmholtz Zentrum München is a member of the Helmholtz Association, a community of 18 scientific-technical and medical-biological research centers with a total of about 37,000 staff members.

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"This means that blood flow and changes in oxygen saturation in blood are markers for metabolic output." MSOT can overall enable the investigation of an increased number of functional tissue parameters, beyond metabolism, including inflammation or angiogenesis.

Overall it is expected that the combination of safe non-ionizing radiation and a portable format will enable novel applications of the technology in point-of-care and outpatient settings.

TUM acts as an entrepreneurial university that promotes talents and creates value for society.

In that it profits from having strong partners in science and industry.

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