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The Ace Anarchy impersonator took the brunt of the attack, but he never dropped character — shaking his fist and calling the children at the front of the crowd stinking rascals and little nightmares, before he finally ducked down into the hollow building and pulled the top back over himself, setting up the surprise for the next street of onlookers. The floats were followed by a band of acrobats and a Thunderbird balloon gliding overhead. The girl looked up — a domino mask over her eyes making her look like a smaller, scrawnier, girlier version of the Dread Warden."What was that, Nightmare? Nova adjusted her shirt and was just about to turn back to the parade when she saw the kid crash into someone else. When he had finished, the boy capped the pen using his teeth again, then brought her wrist up closer to his face. Why aren't you —"The crowd burst into a new frenzy of hollers and applause, drowning out Ingrid's voice. " one of them said, shoving a piece of paper at her. Behind her, she heard the boy yelling, "You're welcome!Nova swallowed, feeling the knot in her stomach loosen only once the villain float had passed. Nova spotted a banner being propped up on tall poles, advertising the upcoming Renegade trials. Only, rather than set her right as Nova had done, the stranger stooped low, grabbed the girl's ankle, and turned her upside down in one swift motion. "Put her down."His smile became even more serene and Nova's heart stammered. "He nodded and, before Nova realized what was happening, he had taken her hand and started peeling open her fingers. He blew — a soft, barely there breath across the inside of her wrist that sent goose bumps racing up her arm. " she asked, making little effort to keep the suspicion from her tone."Renegade? A series of fireworks shot upward from the parade float that had just emerged, exploding and shimmering to furious cheers from the people below."Looks like the headliners have arrived," said the boy, somewhat disinterested as he glanced over his shoulder toward the float. " She didn't look back."Target now passing Altcorp," said Phobia as Nova ducked into the shadows of an alleyway. "Nova checked that the alley was empty before lifting the lid of a dumpster and hauling herself up onto its edge. "I'll be on the roof in two minutes.""Make it one," said Phobia.Over the heads of the spectators, Nova caught glimpses of an elaborate parade float.On it was a miniature-scale version of the Gatlon skyline and standing among the buildings were actors wearing over-stylized costumes meant to resemble some of the most well-known members of Ace's gang.But when he opened his cloak, rather than being consumed by shadows, the actor revealed a pale, skinny physique wearing nothing but lime green swimming briefs. The woman's blonde wig was twice the size of her head and her sequined black-and-yellow dress could not have been any gaudier as it sparkled in the afternoon sunlight. There was a long pause before Ingrid said, "Well, I am now."Nova turned back to the parade.She had black mascara running down her cheeks and was embracing a large stuffed bumblebee to her bosom, wailing about the unfair treatment of her little honey makers."Wow," said Nova. She stood on her tiptoes, trying to make out if any of their other comrades were among the costumes, when a loud crash startled the crowd."I will alert you once they do."Nova glanced across the street, to the second-level window of an office building, where she could barely see Ingrid — or the Detonator, as the public knew her — peering out through the blinds.The booing of the crowd started up again, more enthusiastic than before.

Even the food trucks were celebrating the day's theme, with Captain Chromium funnel cakes and Tsunami fish'n'chips baskets and one sign advertising DREAD WARDEN'S FAVORITE POPCORN CHICKEN — GET SOME NOW BEFORE IT DISAPPEARS!

It was a cartoon-like replica of the Atomic Brain, who had been one of Ace's closest allies before the Renegades had killed him nearly fifteen years ago. ""Roger," Nova said, careful to move her lips as little as possible, though she doubted anyone in the crowd was paying attention to her.

Nova hadn't known him personally, but she still felt a spark of resentment to see the balloon's treatment of him — the bloated head and grotesquely disfigured face. The tiny transmitter crackled inside her ear."And so it begins," came Ingrid's voice, wry and unamused."Let them laugh," Phobia responded. "Just need to know which rooftop you want me on.""The Council hasn't left the warehouse yet," said Phobia.

But Nova's allegiance is to a villain who has the power to end them both.

Marissa Meyer is the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of The Lunar Chronicles series, as well as the graphic novel Wires and Nerve: Vol. Her first stand alone novel, Heartless, was also a #1 New York Times bestseller.

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The Ace Anarchy costume was the closest to reality — the familiar black-and-gold suit, the bold, iconic helmet. For many, this was the highlight of the parade, even more of a draw than seeing their beloved Council. it's ...""No, trust me," he said, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a fine-tip black marker. " He wrapped the bracelet around Nova's wrist, and again, the sensation of such a rare, unexpected touch made her freeze.

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