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Ever wonder how many cops & soldiers TV series are succeeding on CBS in 2011-2012 season?

OK, we’ll give you a hint: six out twenty top television shows are cop or army related on this network.

"Centullus Vetulus vicecomes Bearnensis et Olorensis" donated "vill Bordellasquod olim Guillelmus Sancius comes dederat" to the abbey of Saint-Vincent-de-Lucq by undated charter which names "Gasto filius eius". "Gasto Centulli vicecomes" assented to a donation by "dominus Willelmus Sancii comes Gasconiorum" of property "villam de Luco Deo" to the abbey of Saint-Vincent-de-Lucq by undated charter which refers to "domni Ludovici imperatoris" having previously granted property to "avo vicecomitis qui erat de eius progenie""Wastonis Centulli vicecomitis, Lupi Anerii vicecomitis, Ernaldi Lupi vicecomitis Aquensis" subscribed the charter dated 980 under which Arsius Bishop of Bayonne listed the possessions of the bishopric.

"Amalvinus Blanchefortensis cum Gastone Bearnensi" donated property to Bordeaux Saint-Seurin on leaving on crusade, for the soul of "Arnaudi avunculi sui Blanchefortensis" and with guarantors "ipse Amalvinus et Arnaldus Blanchefortensis consanguineus eius et Arnaldus de Illiaco", by charter dated to [1120], son of GASTON [II] Vicomte de Barn & his wife --- (-killed in battle [1058]).

Today the do-it-yourself home video market is extremely busy and popular.

Almost anyone who has a cell phone or digital camera can shoot some video any time and anywhere.

Jaurgain states that the vicomt of Barn included "la valle du gave de Pau, de Saint-P de Gnrs Argagnon, et le pays de Vicbilh" when it was founded, to which were added the vicomts of Oloron and Montaner in the 11th century.Once upon a time MTV was all about music videos but ever since they began producing their own television series like The Hills they have evolved into a powerhouse in TV entertainment.The Hills is about the lives and ongoing happenings for several young women who reside in Los Angeles, California. Jersey Shore TV Show is a reality show based in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.His grandfather would therefore have been this Loup Centule.This document would therefore date the foundation of the vicomt of Barn to [864/880]. The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified, although it is suggested by the undated charter under which "dominus Willelmus Sancii comes Gasconiorum" donated property to the abbey of Saint-Vincent-de-Lucq (see above).

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