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His work has appeared both online and in print publications.

He holds a Master of Arts in sociology and a Juris Doctor.

In hiring, following a job description can prevent the interviewer from asking illegal questions.

For disciplinary actions or dismissal decisions, following a job description can protect the employer in the event of a lawsuit by a disgruntled employee or ex-employee. A job description can serve as a drawing card for desirable, qualified candidates, according to the website.

"Technological disruption means new skills emerge as fast as others become obsolete.

Technical skills are still relevant, but the ability to be agile, to learn quickly and work collaboratively has never been more vital," Sunny Ackerman, vice president and general manager for Manpower, said.

A job description can provide several advantages for a company--and its employees.

A job description can prevent hiring, promotion and dismissal decisions based on biased criteria, according to NOLO website, a legal advice portal.

However, a well-written job description can serve a much broader purpose.When recruiting, review with the manager to make sure it’s accurate.When interviewing, discuss the functions of the job with the candidate.Chris Blank is an independent writer and research consultant with more than 20 years' experience.Blank specializes in social policy analysis, current events, popular culture and travel.

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