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Everyone is just an extension of them, so won’t everyone just do as they wish? In their imaginations, they never draw a deuce in their high stakes poker game. Another hypothesis is that psychopaths lack fear of personal injury and, more important, moral fear—fear of punishment. The kind of fucked up you need to get the hell away from. They never think their affair partner will rat them out. Like all the Cluster B freaks, they’re special exceptions to the rules and constraints of chump society. It was so stupid, so transparent, so clearly all going to collapse into a pile of ashes. Not just to me, but to two wives previously as well. His model is based on traditional research methods, such as lab work using rats with brain lesions, and studies of humans using a well-known card-playing task, in which players gradually start to lose money; the players in the control group stopped as their earnings diminished, but the psychopaths could focus only on the outcome of the next card choice.A lot of the advice I give here is on no contact, or assessing the sincerity of a cheater’s remorse, or of decoding the mindfuckery of a cheater after discovery. There’s no need to go no contact because they never contact you. The cheater who didn’t play you for more D-Days, who didn’t toy with your heart, and get a kibble contact high off your grief. But I do have some thoughts on the abandoning cheaters who just go poof. You weren’t worth so much as a goodbye, but that’s not it. And that’s because you’re not as chumpy as your average chump. But what about the ones who just go without a fight? Instead, you live with another kind of mindfuck — you weren’t even worth fighting for. Nope, you got a tidy little sociopath who recognized that the jig was up and it was time to move on. Manipulators suss you well — they assessed your moxie, and they scampered away.

don't believe in taking things as a given whatsoever. You don’t deserve an explanation because it was never about you. I know you see this walking out with no remorse as a big fuck you, a huge rejection of the wonderfulness that is you, but that would be assuming that they give a shit. (Raising my hand here.) Yep, I paid the bar tab for one of my cheater’s OW. I’m sure having one of your OW in attendance at your wedding is a keen reminder that you are Not The Boss of Him. How else do you explain one of the OW being invited to your wedding?

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Not that the operatic remorse, crocodile tear cheaters aren’t cold too, but the abandoning cheaters are polar-vortex-Lake-Michigan-in-February-ice-ice-baby COLD.

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