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The MS Word version of the PDF can be obtained from the church secretary at [email protected] MS Word version can be used to print actual booklets.This lesson plan will introduce the meaning of service, specifically in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.#1 Jesus shows the meaning of service — #2 Jesus birth and childhood — #3 Jesus baptism and Satan’s temptation — #4 Jesus served his disciples — #5 Jesus first miracle and healing — #6 Service leads to blessing — #7 Jesus taught us how to serve — #8 Jesus served through his crucifixion (part 1) — #9 Jesus served through his crucifixion (part 2) — #10 Jesus served through his resurrection This is an important series for children to grow in their understanding of discipleship and what following Jesus actually means for their life.Some can cover the material without adding make up days, others may wish to add time to each class session, while others may add week(s) to their classes.Professors have been instructed to provide maximum flexibility to students and to discuss how missed classes will be made up on the first day of class.This Bible study series is targeted to upper elementary, or age 9 – 12 (U. 3rd – 6th Grade) but can be adapted for younger children with some extra teacher preparation.This is the most in-depth teaching series we’ve published so far.

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Through the course the student will be able 1) to adopt learning strategies that conform to how God designed the student as a learner; 2) to incorporate biblical truths in planning, prioritization and implementation for realizing educational goals; 3) to develop a spiritual service of worship in academic life, personal life, and local church ministries.

We believe the personal growth and communal ministry are an integral part of a student’s development at CBS.

To check road conditions or potential routes to get to campus, Tran Star Houston has a real-time website at Gather with other students for a 7-week immersive training to learn how you can run Alpha at your church, at a local coffee shop or restaurant, or even out of your own living room! Let us equip you to become an effective evangelist in your own setting.

You are invited to make use of these studies-- feel free to make copies for your class use.

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