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The Disney image of history is, more often than not, fictionalized in order to produce a better movie plot.

There are several examples of historical figures that were manipulated in to animal-befriending, stunningly beautiful, and missing at least one parent, prince or princess.

Pocahontas is an example of a historical figure turned Disney princess with a fictionalized story with talking trees and in reality, helped the settlers a lot less than her Disney princess is portrayed to do.

John Henry’s legend was also modified for the Disney version.

We know from historical context and from the accounts of what actually happened on the construction of the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad from 1870-1873, no white men worked on the railway. In the Disney version, there are men of all different races working on the railroad.

This is fictionalized, Henry, along with the other workers were leased from prisons to work for the railroad for cheap labor.

My sister was very excited to plan his party and though his favorite TV show is Peppa Pig, (A British TV series having nothing to do with Disney) she went with a Mickey Mouse theme without so much as a second thought.

Due to exhaustion, Henry died after beating the steel machine.Consider, for example, Playhouse Disney or Disney Junior.Theses two channels are owned by Disney, specifically aimed at children 0-5.They feature bright and colorful educational programs, and even feature shows starring Disney’s mascot himself, Mickey Mouse.As children grow older they are expected to graduate to watching plain “Disney Channel” which features shows aimed at kids about 7-13.

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