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As we were on out way back home, our night took a very dark turn. ” At this point they started to scream at us, demanding to know if we were Jewish, then if we spoke Hebrew. ”, in honest and utter confusion of the events taking place. ”, as if he had been personally offended – he then started to brandish pepper spray in a threatening way and yelled, “Jewish girls do not go with Blacks! We tried to separate these aggressors from our friend, putting our bodies in between theirs, yelling, “No, stop, go away! The men kept tugging at our friend, trying to push him and us out of their way. They both continued to follow us while trying to grab our friend, attempting to push us out of the way.

We were walking to the South and were at the corner of Ha Aliya and Levinski when we were approached by two young men wearing matching black security uniforms and kippas [skullcaps]. ” A conversation between my friend and the aggressors went as follows: My friend: “He is my boyfriend, leave us alone.” Aggressor: “In that case we have a few questions for you.” My friend: “I am not interested in your questions.” Aggressor: “Why? One of the young men answered by putting his finger to my friend’s face and angrily told him, “You don’t talk”. Three of my friends managed to distract the men, blocking them from our African friend.

But its official policy, as publicly expressed by former Interior Minister Eli Yishai and never disavowed since, is to “make their lives miserable“, so that the Africans will pick up and leave of their own volition.

With the blessing of the government, gangs of Jews continue to prey upon any African they can get their hands on, to add to the misery-making. — Myself and several of my friends (6 of us in total, one being African) were out to celebrate Laila Lavan, or the “White Night”. One of the men tried to punch our friend, but was held back by his accomplice; we can only assume that, as we were in front of a store, they did not want to attract any further attention.

You don’t address racial dynamics much on your blog, but I have a question for you: I’m a very attractive, westernized Asian female in my early 30’s.

It’s as if the gravitation pull of the natural dynamics of interracial dating is just too strong for my feeble attempts to want the world to be different than what it actually is.

I suppose it’s my own twisted way of trying to contribute to a more just world. I kinda feel guilty about the fact that I’m not attracted to Asian men. And so, I opt for “other.” Thus, in the end, I still haven’t escaped being prejudiced in some way.

A truly open minded person wouldn’t discriminate the way I would.

Without any provocation, two men who presented themselves as religious Jews and members of some kind of security force berated the group for befriending an African man and physically assaulted their dark-skinned friend.

It is important to understand the context in which these regular racist attacks occur.

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