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Text messages and attached files all show up in a very neat and attractive user interface, which functions equally well in portrait or landscape mode. includes an option to delete individual posts to free up clutter on the screen. offers a fast, simple and free way to exchange instant messages on your phone.

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During the walk the defendant kept saying to her that he wanted £25 – her share of what he spent on the evening. "At that point she realised the defendant was becoming angry.

She got her mobile phone out and started to try and use it.

"The issue is did he act dishonestly when he took the phone and did he intend to permanently deprive her of her phone?

"The prosecution case is the defendant was fed up having shelled out money on a date that was going nowhere and he decided to teach Fakhara Sultana a lesson by stealing her mobile phone out of spite and causing her maximum inconvenience in doing so." Mr Nimmala, of Skeltons Lane, Leyton, east London, denies theft.

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