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But living in the 21st century, you still share a strong bond with your ancestors, so there actually might be the possibility of you passing on your characteristics as well as your blood type to your child.In the previous post, we talked about blood type A personality traits. They make the communication a lot easier and are always the goofy ones around.We are a curious species, therefore we should look carefully before carrying out an... Well, people with incredibly bad luck also exists and sometimes really struggle to survive.

Not only all that, but also every blood type can have good points or bad points considering what has just been said.They are quite expressive and say whatever that is on their minds clearly.They are also so sharp when it comes to feeling the vibe that is around them and knowing when to express what.They have a great and firm mindset when it comes to plans so if they are planning on going on a trip with you that surely will happen with no doubts.Bs are optimistic and they see the world through rose-colored glasses. These group of people can get whatever they want only if they visualise it.

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Now today we will go with type B and let you decide about its accuracy. They also are easy going which is a great quality for someone to spend your free time with. They hardly ever feel blue for thinking about their problems much.

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