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Please note that Boss doesn’t officially recognize version 2a – according to them, all version 2 pedals (DD-3A) came with the ”internal” adapter jack.

I am pretty sure I have seen version 2 pedals with the old-style ”external” jacks, though.

This essentially means that there are circuit traces (the small ”wires” running along the back of a normal circuit board) on the front of the pcb as well, eliminating the need for connecting wires, and the surface-mounted (SMT) components take up a lot less space. Sadly, the pedal sounds quite a bit colder and more ”precise” than the earlier ones, so from a pure sound perspective, I definitely prefer the DD-2 and version 1 DD-3.

However, with a couple of mods to take the treble edge off the delay sound, the version 3 DD-3 can sound pretty nice indeed.

This means that if you find a DD-3 that has a wobbly mode selector while the other pots are screwed down tight, it is definitely a version 1 pedal.

The serial number can be found on a white sticker on the bottom or back panel of the product.The layout is drastically different from the earlier versions.The circuit board is now double-sided and many components are the SMT micro-size type.Somewhere down the line, Boss redesigned the top end of the circuit board to fit the more modern style internal (or pcb-mounted) adapter jack.This change was made while the production was still located in Japan, so the earliest of these pedals will have the blue ”Made in Japan” label.

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