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During Jennifer’s CCA’s acceptance speech, she said quite eloquently, Bradley Cooper returned with, “[Jennifer’s] Something else.” Oh, wow! If these to were to form into a power couple, they’d be following a long line of actors and actresses who’ve taken their on-screen relationships to another level.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson come to mind, as do Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — who got together after acting together in the movie . Do you think people are just jumping the gun on this one, getting excited for no particular reason? But J-Law seems to be pretty mature, so who knows, maybe it could work out for them.

Bradley’s mother worked for NBC TV company and his father worked as a stockbroker at for the USA investment bank Merrill Lynch. In childhood Bradley and his elder sister, Holly were brought up according to the religious Catholic beliefs because their parents were congregants of the Catholic church.Also, a couple nights ago they were seen together at the Critics’ Choice Awards where, upon Jennifer Lawrence winning her award, Bradley placed a very sweet congratulatory kiss on her cheek. Bradley Cooper not too long ago was linked to Zoe Saldana, but that relationship has ended. Now y’all can get with the program and finally put that on-screen chemistry to test in the real world.Both gushed about the other upon receiving awards this week.The comedy was met positively by critics and had a gross of 13 times more than the movie budget.It was this movie that brought Bradley long –awaited fame and popularity.

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Except for religious backgrounds’ peculiarities of his parents left its imprint on Bradley: Charles was an Irish immigrant and his mother Gloria was of Italian ancestry.

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